Create Your Reel

Create Your Reel

Create Your ReelMore and more, the demo reel is the actor’s most important marketing tool, but asking for a minute or two of a casting director’s attention is challenging.

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Comedy – How to Get More Stage Time

Secrets To Getting More Stage Time Revealed!

Gerry Katzman shares his insider tips on how to get more stage time. Everyone wants it, but how do you get it?

Steven Memel

Voice Instruction – Vocal Fundamentals I: The Vocal Fry

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Dance and Audition Training: Tips from Julie McDonald, Choreographer Agent – Part 2

Julie McDonald is the pioneer of Dance Agents! She began as a professional dancer and eventually owned a professional dance studio in Los Angeles. After a debilitating injury, Julie was looking for a different career path. Through research and hard work she dedicated herself to dance and decided to become an agent for dancers because they needed representation and a voice in the industry. Prior to this, that simply did not exist. The first Dance Agent! She now represents Choreographers which was an easy transition as many dancers are excellent choreographers. She helps them share their creativity with her vast knowledge of the business.

In part 2 of this video Julie McDonald shares a great deal of insight about all things dance and the business. Take a look!