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Career Tips for Actors: Seven Reasons Why You Won’t Get the Theatre Job

Executive/Artistic Director of the Creede Repertory Theatre, Maurice LaMee gives actors a crash course in the basics! These tips will help you avoid common auditioning pitfalls. Follow these basics and you will be on your way to nailing the gig! #7 – You Aren’t Right for the Role Dear actors, as you probably know, this […]

In the Moment: Interview with Working Teen Actress Shelbie Bruce

In an age of truly terrific young actresses, Shelbie Bruce emerges with a body of work that is specific and commanding. Today, at 17 years of age, she gives riveting performances, much like she did in the blockbuster hit film “Spanglish.” At 10 years old, she joined Adam Sandler in her break out role as […]

Hosting Reels

Having a good reel is crucial to your hosting career. Good headshots and a strong resume will only get you so far. It’s your reel that Casting Directors use to determine whether or not they want to bring you in for an audition, or even better, a “general” meeting. I’ve cast several shows where I […]

7 Steps to Goal Setting for Filmmakers and Actors – Part 1

Why don’t we do it? Why don’t we set goals for ourselves? Is it because we think it’s only for businesses. After all, we’re creative. Surely goal setting doesn’t apply to us. Right?

That couldn’t be farther from the truth. You are a business. It’s imperative that you set goals for yourself.

Joe Tremaine Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

On Monday, August 1, 2011, at the DanceLife Teacher Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, Joe Tremaine was honored with the Dance Studio Life “Lifetime Achievement Award” Congratulations Joe! See more here: http://www.tremainedance.com/news/?news_id=267

MasterTalentTeachers.com sweeps Readers’ Choice Awards

August 2011- In a never-before-seen Backstage Magazine Annual Readers’ Poll Result, The Master Talent Teachers have won a prodigious 6 out of 9 possible categories including:   Favorite Commercial Teacher and On-Camera: Carolyne Barry Favorite Comedy Teacher: Gerry Katzman Favorite Hosting Teacher: Maureen Browne Favorite Acting Class for Kids & Teens: Diane Christiansen Favorite Audition […]