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Goal Setting, Part 3

Goal Setting, Part 3: What Do We Do When We Get Stuck?

t doesn’t matter if you’ve been in your career for a year or for twenty years… we all get stuck from time to time. Maybe it’s a rejection that cuts a little too deep, the fear of not knowing how to do something, the fear of failure, the fear of success, a conversation in our head that tells us we can’t, or that the time’s not right, or that we’re too old, or the economy is bad. Whatever it is for you, it feels real and true and most importantly, it stops you!

Goal Setting, Part II

ACCOUNTABILITY It’s Time to Put Your Butt on the Line by Suzanne Lyons In my last article on ‘Goal Setting’ I stressed the importance of setting goals, creating a strategic plan for your career, and following a timeline with clear specific actions to ensure that your goals happen. It’s all great… in fact, it’s all Read the Rest…

Is Your Website Savvy?

Is Your Website Savvy?

A website is a must-have for actors. The Savvy Actor’s Jodie Bentley discusses with Amy Russ of ActorsWeb.com what makes your website savvy!

The Savvy Actor: Audition Tracking

Audition Tracking: Clarity = Competence

Tracking the details of your individual auditions lets you determine how well your headshot and audition material are working. To run your business efficiently, you also need to see a bigger picture and quantify those auditions. When you quantify, you will be measuring the quantity of your submissions v. auditions vs. callbacks vs. bookings. This Read the Rest…


Artistic Freedom and Your Budget

Finances. Most actors want to run away when they hear that term – not when they work with us. By having systems and structures in place you will thrive.Watch our video to learn how to start saying…”YAY, Finances!” Finances. Most actors want to run away when they hear that term – not when they work Read the Rest…


How to Get a Mentor – Part 3

Mentor Etiquette This paper is the last of my three articles on this super important subject… How to get a mentor. In my first and second articles I looked at: Why should we have a mentor? What is a mentor? Who makes a good mentor? How do you approach mentors? What do you want from Read the Rest…


How to Get a Mentor – Part 2

What a Mentor Can Provide In my first article on “How to Get a Mentor” I touched on a) What is a mentor? b) Why we should have a mentor and c) Who makes a good mentor. In this article my focus is on a) How do we approach mentors, b) What you can expect Read the Rest…


How to Get a Mentor – Part 1

In all my years in the entertainment industry, I’ve come to believe that having mentors is one of the single most important things you can do to help speed up your career and ensure your success. There are so many aspects to this topic that I’m going to break this into three separate articles and Read the Rest…


The Savvy Actor: From Brand to Buzz Part 3

Creating the Buzz If no one knows you exist, it is going to be difficult, if not near impossible, to book work as an actor. Your job as an actor is to know what you sell (refer back to Part 1 of this video series) as well as how to package your product to position Read the Rest…

The Savvy Actor: From Brand to Buzz Part 2

The Savvy Actor: From Brand to Buzz Part 2

How to Stand Out From the Crowd Part 1 of this series was all about creating your Brand. You MUST understand your product before you sell your product. You can’t be all things to all people. It doesn’t work. Ultimately, your job as an actor is to know exactly what you sell. It will give Read the Rest…