Career Tips for Actors: How to Stay Enthusiastic in This Crazy Business

By Suzanne Lyons and Kevin McCorkle

Suzanne Lyons and Kevin McCorkleHow do we stay enthusiastic in this crazy industry? An industry where there is probably more rejection than any other business in the world. The result of on-going rejection can be resignation and despair so it’s important that we make a concerted effort to turn it around. Here are a few suggestions that can help you stay energized and enthusiastic.

  1. Look for areas in your career that you can control.
    Kevin: “I actually don’t mind getting the no’s because I look at them in a way that empowers me. Every no that I get means that I’m that much closer to getting a yes! And I like to look at the things that I’m in control of. What I can do. And there is so much we can do with the technology that’s available today. We can even make our own movie! The technology makes so much more available today. We don’t have to wait around anymore. I think that by focusing on the things that you can control it takes a little bit of the sting out of those no’s.”
  2. Get back in touch with your passion and purpose.
    Suzanne: “Something that I recommend it to stay in touch with your passion and your purpose. We all chose the entertainment Industry… the most exciting industry in the world. An industry where we have the opportunity to be fully self-expressed and to bring joy to others around the world through entertainment. Get back in touch with why you chose this delightful business and that will put you in touch with your passion, purpose and vision. Getting back in touch with your purpose is a great shot of enthusiasm. What is your purpose, your vision? What are your long range goals? Stay in touch with that and keep your eye on the prize.”
  3. Find the joy in the journey!
    Kevin: “Finding the joy in your journey is essential to staying enthusiastic. I think if you can find the joy that you had when you first started it will keep you in touch with that passion that Suzanne mentioned. I realize that some times that is easier said than done… especially when we are getting a lot of rejections and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. So if you’re having a hard time finding that joy, go out and create it! Do something good for someone else. Once a week at the coffee shop I buy the person in front of me a cup of coffee. It makes me feel great. It’s your job to create your joy… your happiness. Don’t wait for it to happen… make it happen. Cause your joy.”
  4. Remember that you get to CHOOSE how you view everything.
    Suzanne: “I think one of my favorite distinctions off all time and one that I use every day is CHOICE. You get to choose how you look at something, how you react to something or someone. I had a student who had a bad experience during an audition where the director was rude to her and it literally shut her down. She didn’t go to another audition for 3 months! What she didn’t realize is that she had a choice in how she could have reacted to that situation. You get to choose every moment of every day how you react and respond. Just knowing that can keep you from that spiral of resignation. You get to choose enthusiasm.”
    We have given you some gold here. So use these ideas and suggestions and stay enthusiastic in this crazy business. There’s a great quote by Gordon Parks that sums it up. “Enthusiasm is the electricity of life. How do you get it? You act enthusiastic until you make it a habit.”