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CYR Preventing Actor Sabotage

Preventing Actor Sabotage

Create Your Reel Offers 5 Easy Steps in Preventing Actor Sabotage.

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Create Your Reel - Caroline Liem

Demo Reel Q&A with Casting Director Caroline Liem

Interview with Film and Television Casting Director Caroline Liem: What Casting Needs From an Actor’s Demo Reel…

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Demo Reel Evolution

Evolution of the Demo Reel

All actors need a demo reel. In this video, Retta Putignano of Create Your Reel talks about the demo reel and its evolution.

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Demo Reel Q & A Presented by Retta Putignano

from Create Your Reel

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Create Your Reel: Using a Demo Reel to Show Off Your Range

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Create Your Reel – Broadening Your Casting with Original Scene Production

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Original Scene Production – Create Your Reel

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Demo Reels: Original Scene Production, Part 2

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CYR Original Scene Production

Create Your Reel: Original Scene Production, Part 1

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Create Your Reel

Create Your Reel

More and more, the demo reel is the actor’s most important marketing tool, but asking for a minute or two of a casting director’s attention is challenging. The owners of Create Your Reel have produced and edited over 600 reels in the last three years.

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