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5 Ways Technology Changed the Demo Reel

5 Ways Technology Has Changed the Demo Reel

A demo reel is an absolute must for actors. In this video, Retta Putignano of Create Your Reel talks about the value of the demo reel for getting you in the door of casting or an agent, and exactly how it should look in today’s market.

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Demo Reel Evolution

Evolution of the Demo Reel

All actors need a demo reel. In this video, Retta Putignano of Create Your Reel talks about the demo reel and its evolution.

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CYR Preventing Actor Sabotage

Preventing Actor Sabotage

Create Your Reel Offers 5 Easy Steps in Preventing Actor Sabotage in your demo reel.

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Create Your Reel - Caroline Liem

Demo Reel Q&A with Casting Director Caroline Liem

Interview with Film and Television Casting Director Caroline Liem: What Casting Needs From an Actor’s Demo Reel…

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Demo Reel Q & A Presented by Retta Putignano

from Create Your Reel

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Create Your Reel: Using a Demo Reel to Show Off Your Range

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Create Your Reel – Broadening Your Casting with Original Scene Production

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Original Scene Production – Create Your Reel

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Demo Reels: Original Scene Production, Part 2

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CYR Original Scene Production

Create Your Reel: Original Scene Production, Part 1

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