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Voice: Breathing Exercises – Part 3

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Voice: Breathing Part 2

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Voice and the Actor, Part 1: Breathing – The Mechanics

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Voice Instruction – Vocal Fundamentals I: The Vocal Fry

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Interview With Musical Theatre Veteran John Rubinstein

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Singing Performance: Exploring Story and Physicality Part 2

In this video, Steven takes us through a private coaching session with Sabrina Miller. Sabrina is obviously a wonderfully talented and experienced singer. The exciting thing is to realize that even for someone as accomplished as she is, there is always further to go and more to discover.

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Singing Performance: Exploring Story and Physicality Part 1

If I’ve heard this once I’ve heard it a thousand times. I’ve said it myself and I don’t think there’s a singer out there who hasn’t. What’s with this odd and disturbing phenomenon?

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The Missing Link: An Introduction, a Story and an Epiphany

“Sing from the diaphragm!”, yelled the teacher! You looked around you and everyone else seemed to understand what she meant. So you did your best to sing louder as your face got red and your veins popped out on the sides of your neck. But you lacked a couple of pieces of essential information – where the heck IS your diaphragm and how do you “sing” from it?

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