3 tips on booking more commercials

Tips for Booking More Commercials

In this video, Jennifer Marsala (Anna on “Lie to Me” and Allie on “Memphis Beat” and star of countless TV commercials) shares her advice for booking more commercial acting work.

Tip #1) Be the reason that your best friends love you. So often, we actors are told to “be ourselves” or “be a regular person” but we’re all constantly changing based on our mood and conditions. Here, Jennifer suggests to find the qualities you have around your best friends and inject them into the audition

Tip #2) Make it your own. Use a “button”- a verbal or non-verbal (look, expression) reaction to the last moment in the scene. This also makes sure that you remain in the imaginary circumstance of the commercial until the director yells “cut.”

Tip #3) Don’t take it too seriously. While we all want the job, but ultimately, commercial auditions often boil down to eating a cracker in a chair. Relax, it’s just a commercial.