Tips for Booking the Comedy Job

Amir Talai is one of the busiest working actors in Hollywood. Here, he shares 4 useful tips for booking the comedy job. Watch the video for much more detail but here are the tips in a nutshell:

Tip #1 – Be Normal.

Don’t walk into an audition room like a person who needs something. Instead, consider how a plumber walks into a house to make an estimate on a repair. The plumber doesn’t stumble, stutter and plead for the job and he doesn’t take it personally if he doesn’t get the job. Instead, he shows you how he would fix the problem his way, and if he gets the job then great, and if he doesn’t get the job- that’s okay because there are other drains to fix. Be Normal.

Tip #2 – Be Yourself and make it your own.

Instead of second-guessing what the casting people want, do the part your way. Even if you don’t get the part, the audition will have left the casting person with a clear impression of what you do well and make it easier for them to call you back in the future.
Also, be bold enough to prepare a couple of “improvised” moments to add to the audition, and, if appropriate, use those “buttons” since that is what you will likely be doing on set when you book the job.

Tip #3 – To book more commercials, watch commercials.

Become aware of the kinds of commercials that are on TV right now. Become familiar with the ever-changing tone, humor, and style of contemporary commercial ads. For example, consider the different kinds of “office” commercials (the office where people love their job, the office where people hate their job, the office where people are good at their jobs, bad at their jobs, etc.) This increased awareness of tone will help you to anticipate, predict, and adjust to your audition, increasing you ability to book the role.

Tip #4 Have Fun.

Amir seems to look at his auditions as an enjoyable way to get work, meet people and show the world what he does well. As actors, we spend more time auditioning than we do on-set, so it makes sense to enjoy the ride and have fun.

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