How to be a Child Actor: Does Your Kid Have What It Takes?

I’d like to address the most commonly asked question that Parents of young Actors ask me; “Does my child have what it takes to make it as an Actor in Hollywood?” This is almost like me asking you, ‘Do you have what it takes to make it as a parent in the World?’ Not easy to answer is it? I would almost have to be a God to answer that question. If I were some sort of Deity, I might say something like this…

“He who surrounded us with his ever-evolving mystery of creation has also implanted in us the desire to question and understand. The Karmic Law requires that every human wish find ultimate fulfillment.”

“I am ever with those who practice complete devotion to his craft and consequently obtain pure knowledge of his art. I will guide you to your Cosmic Dream through your enlarging perceptions. Divine guidance and success are possible though self-effort and dependent on one’s belief in one’s self, not on the will of a Cosmic Dictator. The truth, those unforeseen truths – which you will discover – are even now all around us, staring us in the eyes. We need only open our eyes to see them.”

Well, if you got that, you’ve got the answer to your question. Meaning, success is more a combination of:

  1. The desire to become an Actor
  2. The commitment to find professional training
  3. The support system to get you there
  4. The drive and talent to succeed
  5. An understanding of your art and yourself – KNOWLEDGE
  6. …And most of all – A LOT OF FAITH.

In other words…you need to be more than cute and talented. You need to be ‘The Package’ and you need to be coach-able and so does your parent.

Some of the most talented and adorable kids and teens I’ve trained have parents that will ruin it for them.

What does that mean you ask?

This is key Parents – you need to be a thirsty, open and as receptive to gaining knowledge as your child. You need to come with an ‘Empty Ricebowl.’ If you come to this business as a ‘know it all’ or are unwilling to believe you have things to learn, you will fail. Surround yourselves with Coaches, Managers, and Agents who are there for you, and there to answer your questions. Make lists of things you need to learn and then REALLY LISTEN and USE the guidance being given.

Try not to monopolize interviews with Agents, Managers, or Coaches or Casting Directors. These are the busiest Industry Pros whom you will work with and you need to remember that we all have busy schedules. You could hurt your child’s career by inserting too much of ‘you’ in their career. Never go through your ‘to do’ list when your Agent or Manager call. Your job is to support, guide, nurture, and find the best team you can to supply knowledge and opportunities for your kids.

Young Actors – you need to practice, rehearse, and try out every single thing your coaches offer. You need to take risks with your work and get coaching for every audition – especially early in your career. Remember, never take an audition for granted. Always treat it like gold, because the kids coming in from out of town are your competition and those families have moved mountains to get their kids here for auditions.

I trust we have answered that elusive question. I hope you realize that everything comes from your commitment. Especially your kid’s success!