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Kimberly Jentzen is the winner of multiple Back Stage Readers Choice Awards including: "Favorite Acting Coach,” “Favorite Acting Teacher” and “Best of” Acting Coaches. Her newly released book, Acting with Impact: Power Tools to Ignite the Actor’s Performance is a “must read” for every actor. Jentzen recently completed directing her film REIGN, with Academy Award® nominated Cinematographer, Jack N. Green (UNFORGIVEN) and Academy Award® winning Sound Mixer, David MacMillan (TWILIGHT). She garnered a Finalist Award from The New York Festivals and Honorable Mention from the Film Council of Greater Columbus for her film OF EARTH & SKY, and a Finalist Screenwriting Award from Outfest Los Angeles for THE GEORGIA BOY. Jentzen has also directed and developed critically acclaimed Theatrical productions including PERSONAL SPACE INVADERS, INTERNMENT, and Yolanda King’s ACHIEVING THE DREAM; an homage to her father, Dr. Martin Luther King. Jentzen is a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild and the Alliance of Women Directors. She currently teaches ongoing acting classes at her studio in Los Angeles.

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I'm excited to bring you insights, technique, professional interviews and excerpts from coaching sessions as your Acting Master Talent Teacher. I will be addressing both the practical application in film and television and artistic tips to facilitate your skill and confidence as an actor. I believe there is a key that lives in every one of us that can unlock our destiny. That key is the willingness to be authentic and to allow every lesson to act an as opportunity for growth. You hold the key that can unlock the brilliance that lives inside you. Use it and open the door… ~ Kimberly Jentzen