There’s No Award for Drama Queen

How to Stay Focused

by: Suzanne Lyons

When you’re watching the Academy Awards this weekend you might notice that there’s no award for “Drama Queen.” So take the drama out of your life. Don’t talk about anything that does not inspire and empower you. Don’t listen to anyone’s (family, friends or colleagues) stories unless they inspire and empower you. Cut out the drama. Talk about what thrills you. Create conversations that excite you! Put the drama on the stage and screen where it belongs!

The quickest way to lose focus is to tell your story of how it won’t work, or how difficult it is or how ___________ (you fill in the blank). ONLY tell the stories that get you excited, bring you joy and cause you to expand.

One way to help you stay in an empowering story and to ensure you stay focused and in touch with your excitement and commitment is an exercise that I call “The 35 Year Plan.” Look at all the different areas of your life and talk about where you will be in 35 years. It is a great exercise and it takes you out of the daily content of your life and has you put everything in a context (a bigger picture). As you make the commitment to who you’re going to “be” and what you’re going to “do” in the future, it actually alters who you are in the present… today… right now. A very powerful exercise that will not only inspire you, it will help keep you focused.