How to be a Social Networking Rock Star

By: Jodie Bentley, Savvy Actor Co-Founder

Ok, we all know we need to be on the social networking sites…and I hope you are! Social networking strategy is about staying in the loop, letting people know what we’re up to and providing value to your community. But what the heck should we say? How do we live up to and incorporate our Brand?

I’m sure at one point you asked yourself – To tweet or not to tweet? How much info do you want to share with the FB world? What to share on LinkedIn? These are all questions that have crossed our minds. Well let’s stop asking questions and create a system! With a system you’ll always have something to say and you can take comfort in knowing the structure behind it. A structure for your authentic, value-filled and sometimes shameless, self-promotion. Remember it’s not just your friends out there – it’s our fans, casting directors, directors, producers etc.

Here’s an example to take the pressure off and give you a theme to the day and your posts.


Monday – Give a shout out to a friend or colleague
Tuesday – Share an article you like
Wednesday – Share a success in your life or career
Thursday – Share something funny that has happened to you
Friday – Post a photo of your dog, friend, loved one or yourself
Saturday – Share a favorite quote
Sunday – Ok, take Sunday off…we all need a day of rest

Remember you’re sharing stuff about your career, yes. But you’re also sharing your viewpoint, things that interest you, things your passionate about AND giving credit to your friends and colleagues! All of these things make up you Brand.

It’s time to build your strategy! Use the above as a guideline and create your FB, LinkedIn and/or Twitter structure. Add it to your calendar. You will be a master of the social networking world in no time!