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Theatre - The Dos and Don'ts for the New Performer

Theatre Dos & Don’ts For The New Performer

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Working on Broadway: The Inside Scoop An Interview with Anthony Galde

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Theatre with Purpose

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Tips for Theatre and Acting: 7 Reasons Why You Won’t Get the Job

#7 – You Aren’t Right for the Role Dear actors, as you probably know, this is the main reason you didn’t get the job. It is perhaps obvious, but it’s important to be compassionate towards your self in a business where rejection is the rule and getting the job is the exception. There is so Read the Rest…

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Listening part 3

Listening Part 3: Give and Take and Raising the Stakes

Listening Part 3 – Give and Take and Raising the Stakes by Kimberly Jentzen In this video, Kimberly Jentzen guides actors, Brianne La Flair and Roman Banfield, as they explore the acting tool: Listening. Some acting classes in Los Angeles focus entirely on this skill. Listening is paramount in acting, and understanding how to inspire Read the Rest…

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Master Talent Teachers Two Veteran Theatre Directors Share What They Value Most in Theatre Actors

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Lynn Stallings

Theatre and Puppetry Workshop: Try It All, Part 1

Try Everything! Actors don’t need to know everything about anything BUT they DO need to know something about everything. The more you know, the more interesting a human being you are. Interesting people get hired more often. So, knowledge REALLY is power.

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