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Theatre - The Dos and Don'ts for the New Performer

Theatre Dos & Don’ts For The New Performer

Theater Etiquette can separate the amatures from the pros Most blunders in Theatre Etiquette are made simply because actors are not sure what is expected of them. This article will take you from rehearsals to the closing night party and give you the dos, the don’ts and the whys. DURING REHEARSALS Come prepared: Learn your Read the Rest…


Working on Broadway: The Inside Scoop An Interview with Anthony Galde

BROADWAY! The Mecca for Theatre! If Broadway is a dream of yours, then let those dreams catapult you into ACTION so you’ll actually have a shot at it!! Broadway veteran, Anthony Galde agreed to share his words of wisdom. Tony has been performing on Broadway for the past 25 years. He started in STARLIGHT EXPRESS Read the Rest…


Theatre with Purpose

Performers have power. In the Entertainment Industry, you have an audience. People are listening…..to you. What you do with that power is up to you. There is great value in simply entertaining your audience…..transporting them from daily stress into an imaginary world. There are also great opportunities to use your art to inspire, to make Read the Rest…

Tips for Theatre and Acting: 7 Reasons Why You Won’t Get the Job

#7 – You Aren’t Right for the Role Dear actors, as you probably know, this is the main reason you didn’t get the job. It is perhaps obvious, but it’s important to be compassionate towards your self in a business where rejection is the rule and getting the job is the exception. There is so Read the Rest…

Master Talent Teachers Two Veteran Theatre Directors Share What They Value Most in Theatre Actors

Lynn Stallings

Theatre and Puppetry Workshop: Try It All, Part 1

Try Everything! Actors don’t need to know everything about anything BUT they DO need to know something about everything. The more you know, the more interesting a human being you are. Interesting people get hired more often. So, knowledge REALLY is power. Education is obtained in a variety of ways: Formal education courses in the Read the Rest…

Theatre and Acting Workshop: Preparing a Scene, Part 1

Preparing A Scene Part 1 “The Moment Before” by: Lynn Stallings Magic happens when your character has a full and engaging life. Have that life begin before your scene and you’ll engage the audience instantly. Have you ever watched a performance and felt like it took the actor a while to get into character? To Read the Rest…

Stage Parents – The Good, The Bad And The Downright Scary

There is nothing more powerful or important than finding what you love to do and then actually doing it. Y our child may have found that passion in the performing arts. As the parent of a “show-biz kid”, you’re embarking on an exciting and daunting adventure!

Observations On Monologues For The Theatre and Acting

My first observation about monologues is that they suck! Monologues are a defective tool casting directors and producers use in the audition process that are only partially useful in determining whether actors are capable in their craft.

Rehearsal Technique for Audition: Bringing Your Work To Life, Part 2

Pam Berlin and Billy Carden work with and direct some of the greatest theatre actors of our generation. They share many insightful observations about the rehearsal process in the accompanying video to this text. In Part 2, several compelling ideas were discussed.