Ray Bengston

MTT would like to welcome Ray Bengston to the fold!

Ray Bengston is at once a careful observer and a master storyteller with the lens. As a noted still photographer and film director, Bengston’s approach is both strategic and organic. Working since the 80’s, he encourages creativity from every shot.

As an observer, his camera becomes his tool that inevitably discovers nuances others might dismiss as too small to bother with.

As a director, he understands how these beats will weave into pictures that get noticed. Nothing is wasted, least of all: Imagination. It will be no surprise to anyone who has worked with Bengston, that he began his career as an actor, performing in revues with legendary entertainers who taught him that the show must go on, and so must you.

Today, Ray is considered an actor’s photographer and director, a colleague and fellow journeyman. He also commands respect from agents, managers, acting coaches and casting directors alike. Actors admire his passion for visual arts, his willingness to roll up his sleeves and get the job done. Ray is now available again for photo sessions after directing two feature films, “Alone Yet Not Alone”, “To Have and to Hold”, and two reality based shows “In The Line Of Fire” and “Hometown Hero’s”.

As an actor, Bengston has appeared on numerous TV series including 7TH HEAVEN, and most recently CSI: NY as well as in films. As an educator, Bengston has taught at major Hollywood studios including Warner Bros., Walt Disney Studios, the SAG Conservatory, and many others.

For more, take a look at Ray’s website: Eyekool.com