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Fall in Love With the Process of Becoming Great

By Master Acting Teacher ~ Diane Christiansen Why did you become an actor?  This is the all-important question.  It is a question worth revisiting from time to time in order to remind ourselves of our purpose as actors.  We do not do this for fame or fortune, for acknowledgment or accolades, or for other people.  […]

Tips on When to Leave Your Acting Teacher

Too often students leave their acting teachers either too early or too late, no matter how good or bad the teacher—whether it’s for money, insecurity, lack of time and/or commitment, or maybe a desire to be in a class with a friend somewhere else. On average, for every 20 students who start a class, in […]

Booking TV Commercials

How does one book a TV Commercial? Well, you’ve got to start with training and become a good actor! Master Talent Teacher Carolyne Barry has compiled this video to help take you through the process.