“Breaking Bad” and “Argo” Star Bryan Cranston’s Key to Success

I got a chance to sit down with Bryan Cranston (and Jay Roach, Judah Friedlander and Laura Linney but that’s another story..) and talk about his experiences on “Breaking Bad.” Bryan has had a long career spanning back to the 1970’s and I asked him about his staying power- his ability to ride the vicissitudes of a performance career. 

Bryan’s background is diverse. With strong comedy performances on “Seinfeld,” “King of Queens” and “Malcolm in The Middle” he has been able to smoothly transition from comedy to drama, and between television, theater and film.

Bryan Cranston’s advice, on choosing a career that will last is:  “First fall in love. Go with something you love and hopefully become really good at- as opposed to doing something you’re good at and hopefully fall in love with.  Because that will sustain you through all the hard times.  Truly, truly love it.”

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