Kimberly Jentzen Listening Part 2

Listening Part 2: An Actor’s Workout

Listening Part 2 – An Actor’s Workout
By Kimberly Jentzen

Kimberly Jentzen guides Roman Banfield and Brianne La Flair in an Actor’s Workout using the play Danny and the Deep Blue Sea by John Patrick Shanley. Read more

Acting – The Power and Magic of Listening

Kimberly Jentzen presents a new and dynamic series: The Power and Magic of Listening, Part One. The following is an excerpt from her newly released book, Acting with Impact: Power Tools to Ignite the Actor’s Performance.
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Career Tips for Actors: Seven Reasons Why You Won’t Get the Theatre Job

Executive/Artistic Director of the Creede Repertory Theatre, Maurice LaMee gives actors a crash course in the basics!

These tips will help you avoid common auditioning pitfalls. Follow these basics and you will be on your way to nailing the gig!

#7 – You Aren’t Right for the Role

Dear actors, as you probably know, this is the main reason you didn’t get the job. It is perhaps obvious, but it’s important to be compassionate towards your self in a business where rejection is the rule and getting the job is the exception. There is so much that you cannot control in the casting process. The competition is so fierce and the casting process is so subjective! At my company, the Creede Repertory Theatre, I generally only add one to four new company members a season and I generally audition over 1000 people for those several spots. In addition, I might receive an additional 1000 to 1500 unsolicited resumes via mail or email from actors. I’m looking for very specific types to fill those few spots. If you aren’t that type it’s unlikely you will even be considered. Zelda Fichandler wrote an intriguing article about non-traditional casting in American Theatre Magazine several years ago – but most producers aren’t there yet. Be kind to yourself, especially if you gave a really good audition. But also do your homework about what a theatre company or producer is looking for in its casting call. The following six items are things over which you do have control.

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7 Steps to Goal Setting for Filmmakers and Actors – Part 1

Why don’t we do it?  Why don’t we set goals for ourselves?  Is it because we think it’s only for businesses.   After all, we’re creative.  Surely goal setting doesn’t apply to us.  Right?

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  You are a business.  It’s imperative that you set goals for yourself.

When I was leading seminars in the entertainment industry I would start by asking “how many of you have set goals for yourselves?”  Never more than two people out of a hundred would raise their hands.  In every other industry in the world, it would have been the reverse.  Ninety-eight people out of a hundred would have raised their hands.  Just because we’re in a creative industry, doesn’t let us off the hook.  It’s still a business.  And you’re a business.  In fact, you’re the president and CEO of your company… called YOU.  You have to take responsibility for your company and create a strategic plan for your career. Read more