Finding the Fun in Your Art!

By: Kimberly Jentzen

When you are having fun it is contagious. I can watch anyone having a good time at anything and enjoy watching them. Whether it’s brick laying, running a marathon or performing a monologue, if the person performing any of those tasks is enjoying their process, I enjoy observing them executing it. The passion for executing it isn’t about getting attention, rather, it means enjoying the actual process of the listening and give-and-take that all acting requires.

Think about how it makes you feel: when a great singer enjoys the pleasure of expressing their emotion through song, the sheer enjoyment is contagious—or when a scientist is fascinated with a discovery under the microscope—or a football player crossing the goal line. Anything that involves pleasure is a pleasure to witness.

The first step in pouring your passion into your art is realizing why you love creating in the first place. When you are awakened to the source of why you love the process of your artistic expression you are inspired and your execution will be inspired as well.