Theatre and Puppetry Workshop: Try It All, Part 1

Try Everything!

Actors don’t need to know everything about anything BUT they DO need to know something about everything.

The more you know, the more interesting a human being you are. Interesting people get hired more often. So, knowledge REALLY is power.

Education is obtained in a variety of ways:

  • Formal education
  • courses in the private sector
  • internships
  • on-the-job-training
  • reading and studying on the internet-like you are doing right now on The Master Talent Teacher’s website

A combination of all of these is ideal!

It is exciting and productive to stretch yourself and explore a variety of Theatre Art Forms. Theatre is all about story telling and there are many ways to tell a great story. Plays, Musicals, Poetry, Dance, Film, Mime, Puppetry….they all bring a unique flavor to the story-telling process. So, ‘seize the day’ and try everything. Take a dance and movement class, stage combat, fencing, hosting, mime, puppetry………

You will become a more well-rounded performer and may even discover a new path for your focus.

Let your creativity explode.